Klaus Birkenbihl

Klaus Birkenbihl

Klaus Birkenbihl

What do they do with my RDFa?

Can embedded data boost the success of a Web Site. Is there:
- better ranking in search results?
- better relation between searches and results (generating a higher conversion rate)?
- more links to the page (including its data)?
- unexpected reuse of the page (or its data)?
Today there is quite some noise about how to embed data into a web site. Yahoo, Facebook, Newsweek, O'Reilley, the US White House, Google, ... make more and more use of or have announced support for RDFa, W3C's Standard for including data in Web Sites. The talk will look at some examples of how data on Web pages is used by some of the big players.


Klaus Birkenbihl, CEO of the ict Media GmbH, started his career at the GMD National Research Lab for Information Technology. He had teaching assignments for Computer Science at the University of Cologne and the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. He participated in many projects on Research Networks and Internet since 1982 as head of the department for Computer Networks in GMD. Starting from 1997 he was also manager of the Germany Austria Office of the World Wide Web Consortium. He continued this work after GMD merged with Fraunhofer in 2000. In 2006 he left Fraunhofer and launched his own Company "ict Media GmbH" in 2007. As CEO of this company is a.o. contracted by W3C to co-ordinate the W3C World Offices. Klaus also is or was member of the Advisory Board or Supervisory Board of several comapanies or organizations and served as IT Executive Expert for the Shengen Treaty.